Change. For Good.
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Problem Solving, Big Thinking, System Solutions

The Goal

  • Collaborative engagement with legal institutions, and community agencies
  • Smart, managed growth, effective governance structures and review
  • Strategic thinking and planning, productive and creative teams
  • Public engagement on critical issues
  • Concrete improvements in access to justice
  • Community and government development of models of formal and informal dispute resolution
  • Improved relationships with indigenous communities

= Results

  • Benefits to the sector and the public through new channels of service
  • Access to legal services for Canadians in previously underserved communities
  • Increased participation in access to justice coordinated projects
  • Improved justice sector information management to focus on delay, accessibility and effectiveness
  • Sector-wide and public dialogue, with concrete outcomes for improved justice
  • Strategic and operational planning across the sector


  • Strong active relationships
  • Experience with sector territoriality, government infrastructure, institutional cultures, resistance to change
  • A combined 35 years of experience in the legal, education, government and community sectors
  • Extensive experience in complex project management
  • Leadership, team development, strategic directions