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Effective approaches for building an accessible justice system.



Meredith Brown has joined CALIBRATE, expanding our expertise and scope of our work. She shares a commitment to making systems work, especially within the justice sector.


We are committed to realizing concrete improvements in access to justice as a critical element of a healthy democracy. 

We envision a society in which people have the skills to understand and take action on legal issues, have confidence in formal and informal dispute resolution and recognize that conflict, a common aspect of everyday life, can be best managed through early, appropriate and affordable steps. In an era of reconciliation, we are working within the justice system, and other institutions to build better relationships with indigenous communities. We work collaboratively with the legal institutions, committed individuals and community agencies to find innovative, system-wide solutions.

Our successes managing growth, strategic thinking and governance issues in the legal and community sectors has required the cultivation of strong relationships, as well as experience navigating sector territoriality, government infrastructure, institutional cultures and resistance to change.

We are lawyers, with formal training in Education, leadership and change management and extensive experience in complex project management. We bring these personal and professional aptitudes together to be a catalyst for sector change and real progress on access to justice.


Solving Problems

Generate new ideas, develop a framework for collaboration, engage the public, or map a path to implementation. 

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Build Capacity

Bring people together, think strategically, plan for impact, evaluate and communicate success.

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