Solving Problems


We work with teams to generate new ideas, frame collaborations and build roadmaps to implementation.


Project Examples:

JUSTICE CANADA: Provocative paper on the advancement of legal literacy and public legal education.

COMMUNITY LEGAL EDUCATION ONTARIO: Develop and test model for national guidelines to encourage collaboration and improve quality of public resources.


Managing Complexity


We work on big problems to build strategies to manage a complex portfolio, implement large projects, help shape systems and facilitate change.

Project Examples: 

Development of three-year project plan, gender-based needs assessment framework, communications and evaluation plan focused on the barriers to legal practice for women in BC.


Cultivating Dialogue


We cultivate public participation, collect stakeholder input and deliver engagement and design sessions. 


Example: Consultation of courthouse users into priorities for a new courthouse, resulting in process improvements to make courthouse operation better advance access to justice.


Making Systems Work


We listen and experiment to foster innovation and establish data-based decision making in the design of process improvements. We help organizations evaluate their progress, measure their impact, improve return on investment.

Project Examples: 

Governance review and collective impact training for a national non-profit organization.


Thinking Strategically


We help organizations plan for impact, evaluate, communicate success and shape their collective efforts.

Project Examples: Development of a Framework for sector-wide collaboration, including collective impact and developmental evaluation strategies.


Improving the Justice System


We identify and analyze issues and barriers to accessing justice and invite new perspectives to find alternatives.


Project Examples: 

Development of an Access to Justice Program that includes lawyer training models, project templates, evaluation and monitoring tools.